OE Audio OE-100.2 BMW Straight Fit In Car Audio Component Speakers "No Modification Require" 150W

OE Audio

  • £199.99

OE-100.2 BMW High Quality OE Audio Component speakers for BMW 150 Watts MAX

OE-100.2 BMW


This guide is an installation aid for a proper installation of the sound system. Please read the following instructions:

• Please treat all parts of the sound system and the components of your vehicle with caution.

• Follow under all circumstance the regulations of the vehicle manufacturer and do not make any modifications on the vehicle, which could interfere the driving safety.

Important Notes:

This OE Audio product has a 1-year warranty from date of purchase. To maintain your warranty coverage upright, keep your original purchase receipt to prove the date of purchase. Any damage of the product, based on incorrect or improper use, accident, incorrect and improper installation, modification of the barcode, natural disaster or any non appropriate interventions, repairing or alteration outside our factory or authorized service centres, and caused by other acts, which are unauthorized, because have been made in an incompetent manner, is excluded from the warranty. This warranty is limited only to defective parts and specifically excludes all incidental or consequential damages and those who are associated with. Please return the defective product along with a copy of your purchase receipt and a detailed malfunction description to the dealer from whom you purchased the product.


• OE Audio is in no way affiliated with the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies connected to, or are acting on its behalf or with its authorization.

• All registered product names, trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

• The compatibility with the specified types of vehicles reflects the information available on August 2013.

• Technical changes and errors reserved.

Legal Notice:

In general, the assembly and installation of the sound system should be made by a trained and technically skilled specialist. If you nonetheless choose the self-assembly and you have any problems, contact your specialist OE Audio dealer


The OE-100.2 and OE-200U BMW is a partially active 2/3-way sound system that should be operated by a 4-channel amplifier or two 2-channel amplifiers! These amplifiers must have an adjustable low-pass filter on 2 channels and an adjustable high pass filter on the other 2 channels. Although these speaker systems could be used on the factory stereo we highly recommend the use of a quality amplifier to achieve the maximum results.


BMW 1 SERIES (E81, E82, E87, E88) BMW 3 SERIES (E90, E91, E92) BMW 5 SERIES (E60, E61) with modifications, see page 7 BMW X1 SERIES (E84) BMW X5, X6 SERIES (E70,E71) may require some modifications BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 F SERIES may require some modifications

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