Unico Dual Plus (S/W Control)

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Unico Dual Plus is a Steering Wheel Control interface to operate aftermarket radios. The Interface is compatible with CAN Bus, K Bus and Resistive Protocols. In addition Unico Dual Plus will operate in "Hybrid mode" and simultaneously support vehicles that have CAN bus services and resistive Steering Wheel commands. This characteristic makes Unico Dual Plus compatible with most available vehicles - one interface for more than 180 cars! Other additional features of the Unico Dual Plus include parking sensor recovery, amplifier wake up and telephone operation (vehicle dependant - please contact office for further details) Unico Dual Plus is software upgradable effectively making the interface "future proof" Technical Details CAN Bus self-recognition integration for Steering wheel commands and services Resistive integration for Steering wheel services CAN Bus outputs: Ignition Reverse gear Speed pulse signal Handbrake Sidelights The Unico Dual Plus is compatible with more than 20 radio manufacturers